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Five Favourite Rosé Wines for Valentine's Day

Five Favourite Rosé Wines for Valentine's Day 

Get ready, Valentine’s Day is on the way, may you be spending it with your valentine, galantine or on your lonesome self, enjoy it the best way - with a delicious bottle or two of rosé! This year we are going to be drinking #roseallday (in moderation of course). So, we have selected our top 5 ultimate favourite rosé wines that we think you might absolutely love to!

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

Up first we have one of the most popular wines in the world, Yellow Tail Pink Moscato. Yellow Tail is everything a great wine should be their wines are approachable, fresh, flavoursome and have a personality of their own! This Pink Moscato is a DREAM. It’s a gorgeous flamingo pink hue and unbelievably delicious – like drinking shooting stars that dance on your tongue and taper out to a finish that is clean, fresh and crisp. (Too far? No honestly, you have to try this).

Chateau Bauduc Rosé ­

Up next Chateau Bauduc Rosé ­ this is THE house rosé at Rick Stein's restaurants and has been for many years. The 2019 was also selected for the list at Gordon Ramsay. This wine is GREAT for Summer and always always always sells out!  It is also really good with food and pairs surprisingly well with all things spice. We love to drink it with homemade red Thai curry with extra chilli.

For Chateau Bauducs 20th vintage, this dry rosé was made from equal parts of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The grapes were harvested quite early, in September, and the pale juice quickly ran off the dark skins for a light, crisp wine. It also has a fancy special 20th vintage stamp on the front and back labels.

Marques de Caceres

Marques de Caceres rosé, have you seen this bottle? It’s Beautiful. This is an award winning pale raspberry vintage rosé, it is dry and delicately crisp in the mouth with tart red fruit, tobacco and mild toffee flavours. This is not a meek rosé, it has a strong firm structure and just a hint of tannin on the finish. It not only tastes great but has smells of a charming bouquet of red berries with a whiff of fragrant flowers. Pair this with a selection of hearty tapas, my personal favourites are stuffed olives, peppers or anything with chorizo Mmmmm.

Henri Champliau Wild Miss 55

Next is the charming Henri Champliau Wild Miss 55 Not only do we love this wine with its dense bubble mousse, raspberry, and cherry notes, but the story behind this wine is even greater! Pink in colour, delicate and dense bubble mousse, raspberry, and cherry notes. A sensation of sweet pleasure on the finish balanced by the fresh acidity of the fruit. Perfect on its own or it is just amazing with chocolate desserts!

Check out our blog on the meaning behind the name.

Whispering Angel

And finally, everyone's favourite rosé. However, it is said in the Esclans Valley angels whisper, and if you drink this wine you might hear them...

Whispering Angel is credited with starting the international rosé trend, known to release 3.2 million-bottle vintages. It’s also the brand that introduced rosé to American palates, ranked by Nielsen as the No. 1 selling imported French wine.

This fresh vintage is an elegant whirl of peach, rose water, and summer berries that's lined by citrus and a strawberry-soaked finish. Produced in the cellars of Château d'Esclans, Whispering Angel is a classic Côtes de Provence rosé and has become popular with wine lovers throughout the world.

“Always delicious,” says James Suckling, American wine critic and former senior editor and European bureau chief of Wine Spectator.

Let us know which of these are your favourite!