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You love sparkling rosé? So do we!

Wild Miss 55, Methode Ancestrale Rosé

Not only do we love this wine with its dense bubble mousse, raspberry, and cherry notes, but the story behind this wine is even greater!

Henri Champliau is a family winery located in Mercurey, region of Burgundy - France. Founded by Alexandre Graffard, grandson of Henri Champliau, they produce AOC Crémant de Bourgogne and a 'Signatures' range to the same high-quality standards of their winery.

This cuvée pays homage to Henri CHAMPLIAU’s passion for horse racing. Wild Miss was the first thoroughbred filly that Henri CHAMPLIAU bought in Deauville. In 1955, she won the Prix Vermeille at Longchamp-Paris, one of the finest races for a filly. This passion, which continues to run through our family, inspired
the character and style of this wine.

In production, they put the must (grape juice) in a horizontal tank equipped with a
rotating device that lifts up the lees into the wine to extract all the aromatic potential. During the alcoholic fermentation, which turns the sugar from the grapes into alcohol, we tightly close the tank when it reaches 6.5% volume of alcohol. The fermentation continues until it reaches 7.5% volume of alcohol and creates the effervescence. At this precise moment, the temperature of the tank is lowered to 28°F to stop the fermentation naturally.
They then aged the wine for 3 months to have delicate and wellintegrated bubbles. There is no addition of ‘liqueur de tirage’ or dosage! The sweet flavor comes only from the residual sugar from the grapes. 

Pink in color, delicate and dense bubble mousse, raspberry, and cherry notes. A sensation of sweet pleasure on the finish balanced by the fresh acidity of the fruit.

This ‘Ancestrale Methode’ produces a natural, low alcohol sparkling wine. Perfect on its own or it is just amazing with chocolate desserts!

The ideal tasting temperature is 6°C..