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The Irishman Irish Whiskey

The Irishman new to Home Delivery Wine, this is a premium Irish Whiskey with exceptional character. Championing Irish Single Malt, and the recreation of age-old recipes to create unrivalled expressions. For a new generation of whiskey enthusiasts.
The Irishman creators are both People and Place with authentic distillation methods, some new, some old. They are always Single Malt focused – whether championed in blends or pure Single Malt expressions. Always enriching the flavour, lengthening the depth, refining the smoothness. After all, everything comes back to the whiskey. It is their pride and our focus. Everyone a true original, triple distilled to leave a lasting impression.
This creation is a tip of the hat to Ireland’s Golden Era of Irish Whiskey. Learning from the past to create the future. Redefining Irish Single Malts. Single Malt – that is their heart.