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The best alcohol free wines for Sober October!

The best alcohol free wines for Sober October!

There are many reasons for us to do sober October this year especially raising awareness for great charities, but also many of us have consumed a lot of alcohol over the lockdown period (no pointing fingers) may it have been a glass (or two) whilst working from home, or in the evening when you just need to relax.

As much as we all love a drink, Home Delivery Wine recognises the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and always drinking responsibly and in moderation. This might just be the perfect opportunity to give yourself a little detox before Christmas and at the end of the day a little break wont do anyone any harm!

However, as the restrictions are easing and we are finally getting to see our loved ones again for celebrations, dinners and meet ups you don't have to say no just because your doing Sober October. 

We have something special just for you! We have a range of McGuigan Zero Wine available online at just £6.99 a bottle, you can choose from Zero ChardonnayZero Rose and Zero Sauvignon Blanc. These Zero Wines from McGuigan's may be free from alcohol but they are absolutely full of flavour and less that 0.05% residual alcohol, the perfect choice for your Sober October. It is also lower in calories, and contains lower sugar than some juices and fizzy drinks, its gluten-free and contains no sweeteners, additives or refined sugars. 

Best of luck to all of you taking part in the challenge and be sure to try your favourite and let us know what you think!