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A great Christmas gift for Game of Thrones fans

‘Winter is Coming’ and there’s no better way to stay warm (internally at least) than a shot of seven-times distilled Icelandic Mountain Vodka.

Produced by Icelandic Mountain Spirits and part-owned by 6ft 9” Game of Thrones actor and strongman, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (fans of the show will know him better as Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane), this is definitely a ‘vody’ with real body.

Not surprisingly, ‘The Mountain’ prefers to drink his straight, as he told Home Delivery Wine during our recent interview KENNY CHATS WITH GAME OF THRONES ACTOR. Thor suggests it might be a Viking thing, but to be honest, he’s probably onto something.

Icelandic Mountain Vodka (made with pure Icelandic water and Gluten free) is extremely smooth - possibly too easy to drink considering its 40% alcohol content.

Despite the fact that the product is still relatively new to the market, it has already secured several accolades, including the Tastings.com 2017 Gold Award. “A vodka full of character, body, and confection - balanced and unexpected,” was Tasting’s summary.

With Dornish wine being in short supply (yes, we know Dorne is fictional!) Icelandic Mountain Vodka is the ideal choice for followers of HBO’s epic Game of Thrones series.

Housed in a classy, minimalist bottle and packaging, this product from ‘the land of fire and ice’ is currently in stock at www.homedeliverywine.com, together with Icelandic Eagle Gin, also by the same company of friends turned worked colleagues.

So, if you’ve been deliberating over what to get that avid Game of Thrones fan for Christmas, then stop worrying. Icelandic Mountain Vodka really will hit the spot, and let’s be honest, are you going to argue with Ser Gregor Clegane?

[Our Icelandic friends also have some new and exciting products coming soon. We’ll keep you posted…].