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world-premiere-wines If you're looking for a good read overflowing with juicy facts about the development of the world's premier wine industries, you might want to pick up Ian Mount's tasty book that follows one of the most recent success stories. No, it's not about Washington, but there's plenty of information about Argentina and its extraordinary triumph with Malbec to interest, teach and amuse wine appreciators everywhere. "The Vineyard at the End of the World" tells the story about how a couple of wine obsessed families turned Argentina's notoriously bad wine and its humble Malbec grape into a profitable and world renown industry in just 20 years. Mount, a freelance writer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has written for the Wall Street Journal and Food & Wine magazine. His experience shows. The book reads like a novel and is loaded with information about how France, Italy, Chile, California and other major wine industries came to be. The book follows closely the path of Nicolas Catena, who is as important to Argentina's wine expansion as Robert Mondavi is to California's. Catena, who has a degree in economics from UC Berkeley, brought in some of California's best winemakers to help him reinvent the lowly Malbec by using new world techniques and equipment. Washington's wine industry growth, by contrast, has had the advantage of starting out with tested vines, technique and equipment. Similar to Argentina, it has grown tremendously in the past 20 years. The newly published book can be ordered from local book stores, on Amazon. That's where I found it by chance. I'm glad I did.