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Sometimes, things just work together. Jelly and ice cream, red wine and dark chocolate, tea and a biscuit—and, as far as California is concerned, marijuana and wine. According to The Drinks Business, a number of California wine growers have been producing wines laced with cannabis. Cabernet Sauvignon is the grape variety of choice as it pairs "particularly well" with pot. While wine fermented with cannabis is nothing new, as it gained a level of popularity in the 80s and it appears to be making its way into the vats of respectable vintners in some of the best wine-grape regions in the state. Known as 'Pot' wine, it is usually blended from robust reds such as cabernet sauvignon and syrah, and according to aficionados, there isn’t much of a commercial market for the product because of California’s generally tolerant attitude towards marijuana. But in regions where lots of wine is consumed its beginning to take root. What do you think of this cannabis creation? Would you try it?