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Could this be the controversial move that will smash the wine market to smithereens? Some are saying a fond farewell to wine bottled and welcoming the more cost effective tetra, foil pouches and even tin cans as packaging!   This type of packaging has long been dismissed as downmarket but is set to grow by up to 15 per cent next year, according to a study by The Grocer   Packaging like paper, carton and foil can be cheaper to manufacture in bulk, more convenient for the consumer and more environmentally friendly It found that ranges of boxed wine, previously associated with cheaper grape varieties, are increasingly being introduced into mainstream supermarket shopping.   Purchasing a £4 - £8 wine in one of these contains sits OK but paying more money for a fancy vintage and still getting a carton, not sure if I can get my head round it – maybe it’s mind over matter?   However from a e-commerce point of view wine would be a lot easier to distribute and handle and p&p prices may even come down therefore further reducing the price?   Apparently as usual M&S is leading the way and has ten varieties of wine sold in pouches and Asda is introducing four own-label pouches this summer - one chardonnay but also a rose, pinot grigio and shiraz.   So should this be kept to the supermarket shelves or are pouches and paper posh enough for boutique wine merchants?