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Well according to our lab rat friends, scientists are disparaging jolly bank holidays. We ever-so-slightly frown at this as if you are ever going to partake in the odd tipple then Bank Holidays are the designated boxes in the calendar.   Scientists are recommending just three small glasses of wine a week. Now we are all for drinking in moderation but we have one group of geek heads telling us wine is good for our health and now this. It’s like having a good and bad scientist sitting on your shoulder whispering two different things in your ear!   The oxford bunch of scientists claim that by cutting average alcohol intake to the equivalent of around three small glasses of wine a week would prevent almost 4,600 premature deaths a year in England alone, which is a huge amount! They used a mathematical model to show that the ideal level of alcohol consumption to prevent chronic disease in England was five grams, or about half a unit (a small 125 glass of wine contains 1.3 units). However current Government guidelines of between three to four units per day for men and two to three for women "may not be compatible with optimum protection of public health," according to the team. Will this new research ever work in reality? It’s hard enough for people to understand units at the moment so how would you feel if the government followed the advice of the research and changed the guidelines? Is there a fine line that can’t be crossed in order to gain the maximum acceptance by the drinking public, and to offer a realistic way of reducing the risks associated with drinking? As usual would love to hear your thoughts!