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cono-sur-merlot-2010-main Woodford Bourne NI has secured an exclusive contract to distribute the South American wine brand, Cono Sur, across Northern Ireland - and we are one of the lucky people to stock it! If you haven't heard of Cono Sur, they were founded in 1993 and have positioned themselves as the second largest Chilean wine exporter. So what's coming our way? Well some of the wines are new to Northern Ireland, including a limited edition 20 barrels Pinot Noir, a Reserva range made from a selection of fruit that is harvested from older and lower yields to increase quality and finally a Brut from Bio-Bio, one of the most southern origins in the world. Also new is the 'Bicycle' range adeptly named as the workers at the vineyards use bicycles to move around the land in order to protect the terrain they work on! All in all a fantastic brand to stock - so if you have yet to try we currently have the Cono Sur 'Bicylce' merlot and Pinot Noir (£6.49) I wonder when Kenny will be off on a sampling trip to Chile?