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olympic-wine Destination London - the 2012 Olympics has practically arrived and with it, its own wine. Most of the lucky ticket holders won’t have wine foremost in their heads as they head to the various stadiums but a lot of thought has been put behind the 1st official wine. Two years in the making lets hope this plonk, like the athletes, has a few tricks up its sleeves. And this range by all accounts does – Fairtrade, 2012 vintage and PET bottled (health &safety rules) Obviously only southern hemisphere countries come into play if you want wines from the current year to be delivered in bulk to England by the end of June or early July at the latest. The white (a chenin blanc) and the rosé (a blend of pinotage, shiraz and merlot) were both sourced from Stellenrust, a supplier in South Africa, which has a large Fairtrade offering. The Chenin blanc from Stellenbosch was a good choice for a white in terms of taste – it has some personality yet still makes obligingly easy-to-drink wines with a lick of acidity. The one to watch out for is the red of this Olympic triumvirate that's the real triumph. It's from the Seival Estate in Brazil – a nod to the 2016 Olympics – a country best known in vinous terms for its sparkling whites and the strange wine-growing region of the São Francisco Valley, in which they have two harvests a year. It's absolutely perfect for the job; soft enough but not slack and slippery and definitely not dull For those who are fortunate to have tickets remember to raise a glass and toast the team behind the Olympic wine despite being drenched by the rain – cheers! See the full story behind the team and the making of the wine at www.telegraph.co.uk