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Can it be true? Talk about glass half empty! According to findings of a new research, holding a glass of wine and just standing at a party might lead your boss and colleagues to think that you are less intelligent! Erhmmm, the intelligence rating in our office has just plummeted… Anyhow researchers from the universities of Michigan and Pennsylvania have found that just standing holding a drink changes, for the worse, colleagues' and bosses' assumptions about your brain power, and my favourite part of this is that they have coined this as "imbibing idiot bias". Although most people think they look more intelligent when ordering or holding a glass of wine, the opposite is true, said the research based on five studies involving over 1,300 people. Bankers with big entertainment budgets please note as the results suggest holding wine can selectively reduce perceived intelligence. They also suggest that imbibing idiot bias may be costly in professional settings involving alcohol. Who knows maybe this is why our banks are in chaos? In one of the studies, men and women rated the intelligence of people holding a glass of beer, wine or water. Results show that the alcohol-holders were rated as significantly less intelligent. In another study, people were asked to rate a speaker's arguments when he or she was holding a beer or a soft drink. Their arguments were viewed as less persuasive, and the speaker was seen as significantly less intelligent when drinking beer. In a third study, 300 senior managers rated people being interviewed for a job over dinner. Interviewees could order wine or a soft drink. The managers rated the job candidates as significantly less hireable when they ordered wine. Well if the perceivable becomes the actual then I reckon most of us are on the lower end of the intelligence spectrum  - however I also reckon it depends on what they were drinking, a bottle of Buckfast to a nice bottle of Ned Pinot Noir  - I know who I’d hire.