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alan-sugar-cc-d-everett Not only are we blessed with good entertainment factor on The Apprentice but this week's task was wonderful to see Lord Sugar create awareness for English Wine, despite the debacle of the ad's. Comments like 'What were you thinking?', Lord Sugar questioned why Jenna had chosen to sell a 'high class' product with a jokey advert saying it was more like Carry on Boozing'. He said: 'In Britain last year we imported 35 million bottles of champagne, but lots of people have no idea how good our home-grown product is.' 'English sparkling wine has won many awards and is far superior to some brands of champagne. It’s your job to raise awareness of English sparkling wine' The teams were charged with the aim of creating a new image for the English sparkling wine industry, design a website and online marketing campaign and then pitching their campaign to leading figures in the industry. As ever the team with best campaign would win, and on the losing team, one candidate would be fired. Check out each team's advert on BBC iPlayer, or see Tom's wine tasting skills on YouTube. What are your thoughts do you think this helped boost awareness on homegrown wine or did it make more a joke of our grapes? Discuss this on Facebook!   *Creative Commons - Photo Attribution: Damien Everett