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  • Will Brad-gelina’s Homemade Wedding Wine be the Pitts?

    Yes the rumours are still rife about the up and coming nuptials of these celebrity icons but the news just out is all about what tipple they will be serving to their guests?

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will serve their wedding guests a wine brewed on their own estate.

    The Hollywood stars were thought to be tying the knot at their French home this month, however Angelina laughed off the speculation while in Greece.

    Although the date for their nuptials is unknown, they are busily planning their special day.

    Brad has reportedly already chosen what his loved ones will drink, opting for seven different tipples.

    "Guests shouldn't be disappointed in his taste," a source told British newspaper The Sun.

    "He's always had a keen interest in wine and after doing his wine steward's course earlier this year, he's pretty much a certified expert.

    "[One option called] Pink Floyd is one of their own wines from their Miraval estate."
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