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  • French Producer Wine

    Did you know that French wine output has seen a 40-Year low due to grapes damage?

    French Producer wine, the biggest producer, may slump 20 percent this year to the lowest in at least 40 years after unfavorable weather and disease damaged vines and grapes. Output in the Champagne region is predicted to show the biggest drop!

    France’s vineyards suffered from cold and wet conditions during flowering, damage from mildew and other funguses, hail storms that destroyed grapes in Burgundy and Beaujolais, an August heat wave and a dry September that caused drought stress and resulted in smaller grapes, the ministry wrote.
    “All the categories of wine will see their production decline compared to 2011,” the French ministry wrote. “Production estimates are particularly tricky this year due to the variation in grape weight in most of the vineyards.”
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