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  • Italian Wine Cartography

    Great wine takes you places. It takes you back to the region where the grapes were grown. It takes you to the time and place where you first tasted that wine. It conjures memories of sharing wine with friends and family.

    Cartography, the art of map making, is itself a destination, a road map and a journey of grape to wine. As some of you may know, not so long ago Kenny went on a trip across the Tuscany region of Italy. Since this intoxicating journey Kenny has been hell bent on learning more about Italian wines anchored with this experience. Wanting to shortcut his way to some knowledge he started to look for Italian wine Cartography, otherwise known as maps, and last week he came across wine Merchants Asia and discovered what he feels like is a true treasure.

    The information below is courtesy of Wine Merchants Asia.

    Alessandro Masnaghetti is a highly respected Italian wine journalist, publisher, editor, and writer of Enogeaa a bi-monthly Italian wine journal. He is also an Italian wine cartographer and his maps, if you will allow your eyes to go beyond the visual beauty a feast for the mind.
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