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  • Winemakers true calling: Ben Glover Wither Hills

    He might've pursued a career with cows, lucky for us Ben Glover (chief winemaker) it's wine instead

    "If I wasn't making wine, I'd be milking cows" - Ben Glover, Wither Hills Chief Winemaker.

    Lucky for us he left the cow's udder for someone else and plied his trade with vines, grapes and bloody good wine. He's one of New Zealand's most talented winemakers and as the head honcho chief winemaker he oversees one of the biggest wine brands in his country and a juggernaut in the overseas markets. Bit of pressure then, right?

    But Ben and his team seem to nail it every time - so we were very privileged to have this New Zealand wonder pop into one of our stores and give us the lowdown on his winery and some vine tips!
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