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  • Holding a Glass of Wine Can Lower Your Intelligence

    Can it be true?

    Talk about glass half empty! According to findings of a new research, holding a glass of wine and just standing at a party might lead your boss and colleagues to think that you are less intelligent!

    Erhmmm, the intelligence rating in our office has just plummeted…

    Anyhow researchers from the universities of Michigan and Pennsylvania have found that just standing holding a drink changes, for the worse, colleagues' and bosses' assumptions about your brain power, and my favourite part of this is that they have coined this as "imbibing idiot bias".

    Although most people think they look more intelligent when ordering or holding a glass of wine, the opposite is true, said the research based on five studies involving over 1,300 people.
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  • #wineripoff

    We were delighted to see this debate kick off in the media not so along ago and now the debate has created a storm on twitter.


    What’s it all about? Misleading prices from large supermarkets. A few months ago the BBC’s Panorama programme did an expose on supermarket deals and since then under the Twitter hashtag #wineripoff, twitter users have started naming and shaming some of the half price deals by posting photographs.


    The Guardian’s wine critic Fiona Beckett, who was instrumental in getting the debate going on Twitter, was quoted saying “the scale of reductions was deeply misleading”. She said it “wasn’t that the offers weren’t worth snapping up”, but that the original prices advertised were too high.
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  • Olympic Contenders


    Denis Broderick, an Olympic torchbearer called into our Magherafelt store after his run across Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. With only 14 days to go we decided to take a look at some of our top contenders both in terms of Olympic ability and wine…



    Team: Beach Volleyball - The Horse Guards Parade is bracing for a colourful display like it’s never seen before when the Aussie beach volleyball teams come marching in this July. Smashing the Olympic history books is Nat Cook who will become the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games.
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  • What’s the real price of wine?

    Currently in the UK on a wine selling for £5 per bottle £2.64 is actually tax!

    There are two parts to this blog. Firstly explaining the con the supermarkets use to sell inferior wine, and secondly a breakdown of the actual costs of a bottle of wine where you can see who is actually making all the money, and why you really shouldn't buy £5 wine!


    We can all begrudge the ever increasing price of a bottle of wine, and naturally to save money we tend to look for the cheaper options. The supermarkets seem to have some great deals on - half price, reduced from £9.99 to £4.99 - that has to be a good deal, right?


    No It is not, and here is why:

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  • Red Wine the Elixir of Life?


    Resveratrol, the plant compound found in red wine and reputed to have anti-aging effects, including protection against cancer and diabetes , has just had a "told-you-so" moment.

    Researchers have found new evidence showing that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, may play a role in preventing cell aging.

    Here comes the science part...

    The study in rodents found that when mice had a particular gene (SIRT1) knocked out, or turned off, resveratrol had no effect on them. But tests of muscle tissue in mice with a normal SIRT1 gene that were given resveratrol found that the substance boosted mitochondrial function.
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  • A Birthday present from Kenny’s Highfield store


    Recently we held a community fun packed day in one of our food stores in Highfield to celebrate its 2nd birthday. It was a wonderful day packed full of families partaking in all the festivities. Two of our customers walked away with a £50 in store voucher as well three children winning a draw for their vibrant colouring entrants. As like all Birthday’s we had a giant cupcake that was delectable and staff and customers certainly had their cake and ate it!
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