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Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • HDW fun facts that you probably didn’t know about champagne.


    1. The existence of champagne came about by accident. During the cold winters in Champagne, France the fermentation process would get interrupted and when spring came along it would restart again. The winemakers would then try to stop the 2nd fermentation, but failed. As a result champagne was born.

    2. Ever wondered why champagne bottles look different from normal wine bottles? Initially they were stored in the same bottles. However, these bottle weren’t designed to withstand the pressure of the second fermentation and they kept on exploding. This is the reason champagne bottles have a deeper indentation.

    3. The thing that gives champagne the air of sophistication are the bubbles.The bubbles in a bottle of champagne are around 49 million with 30 extra bubbles being created every second. The proper name for the train of bubbles going up the glass is collarets.

    4. Popping bottles might be fun, but a champagne cork is very dangerous.. Your chances of being killed by a cork is more likely than a venomous spider. The reason for this is the high speed( 64kms/hour) of a cork with it being able to travel 54 meters.

    5. Champagne bottles actually have a variation of bottle sizes. More surprising is the fact that they have biblical origins. The biggest bottle is called Melchizedek and is 40 times bigger than a normal bottle. At half the size you have the Nebuchadnezzar and the Methuselah is a fifth the size of the Melchizedek

    We have a great range of Cava, Prosecco and Champagne that will see you through all the celebrations this festive season


    It’s Christmas time and everyone likes a little bit of sparkle this time of year! But do you choose a Prosecco or Champagne or even Cava - what’s the difference?

    Put simply it’s just the region of the grapes. Champagne comes from the French Champagne region, Prosecco from Italy and Cava from Spain.

    But what do you bring to a party to serve to your guest. Here’s the HDW guide to Champagne vs Prosecco vs Cava - it’s the battle of the bubbles!hdw-guide-to-sparkling-christmas

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