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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Coleraine High Old Girls’ have something to wine about

    Around 60 past pupils and their partners attended an informative and slightly loud soiree at Coleraine Rugby club on Friday 14th March 2014.

    The wine tasting was new experience for many but one that was truly enjoyable – how could it not when our host from Robb Bros opened the evening by slicing open a bottle of bubbly with a knife! But all entertainment put to one side the range of wines was quirky focusing on a great wine from Uruguay called Garzon Tannat, which sold out on the night!

    We also announced a great new wine that is only available online the Portuguese Coreto Joker 2012, which is no joke of a wine! Check out some of the reviews!
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  • A public announcement for St. Patrick's Day: It's Paddy

    Some would say that Saint Patrick’s day has already been slandered enough through various forms of leprechaun-costumed commercialism, but other brave souls are determined to draw a line in the sand and say ‘this far but no further’.

    In this light we’d like to offer the following public announcement: it’s Paddy not Patty.

    If you like to use the nickname for Patrick, the 5th century British missionary who bought Christianity to Ireland and (supposedly) booted out the snakes then it’s Paddy you need, a name itself that originates from the Irish Pádraig.

    It’s not quite clear when the ‘Patty’ mistake came about, but it’s probably some mixture of the fact that the ‘Patty’ and ‘Paddy’ sound nearly identical in an American accent; because Patrick, the anglicised version of Pádraig, can be shortened to ‘Pat’; and because ‘Paddy’ has been used as a slur for the Irish and people are trying to be polite.*
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  • There's an App for that - Hello Vino

    Hello Vino is a wine recommendation app, which tailors choices to a particular meal, occasion, or personal taste preferences, which has gained 1.7 million users since it was founded in 2009.

    They mean business as they company have just acquired the'instagram' of the wine world app Corkbin bringing together millions of wine lovers worldwide.

    Rick Breslin, CEO of Hello Vino, said: ”The acquisition of Corkbin allows Hello Vino to enhance the entire wine shopping experience. While the Hello Vino app assists wine shoppers before they buy, the Corkbin app facilitates the tracking and sharing of their wine purchases.”

    “We believe the most enjoyable wine experiences hinge on social interactions and contextually-relevant recommendations.”

    The combining of two mobile apps is the first of its kind in the wine industry.
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  • How to be a winner at wine tastings

    In our experience, the best way to find the wines you like is to compare one wine with another or, better, with a few others. And the most convenient place and time to do that is at a wine tasting, an event held to showcase a number of wines.

    A wine tasting can be as uncomplicated as a local retail shop opening a few bottles for sampling during weekend hours. Sometimes there's a theme to the selection; sometimes it's just a chance for merchants or importers to display their wares.

    It works by a single charge per person and the individuals can have a go at dozens of wines, often paired with food at a sit-down meal or buffet. Having something to eat at a tasting is a good idea for reasons beyond feeding; food in the tummy is a smart setup when drinking alcohol.
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  • Airplane wine gets a shake-up

    FYI: Even if you’re flying first-class, wine tastes worse when drunk thousands of feet up in the air. But, the solution is simple: give the bottle a shake.

    High altitude — and the dry air in the plane cabin — makes wine taste more alcoholic, acidic and bitter.

    This is partly because cabin air dries the mucus in our nasal passages, which reduces our sense of smell and changes how we taste things.
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