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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • See the Chinese New Year in with Wine.

    To coincide with the Chinese New Year this Friday, HDW is exploring how wine – rather than the traditional beer – works with Chinese cuisine.

    This year we will move from the year of the Water Snake to the year of the Horse with a quickening of tempo, the prospect of travel, success and adventure.

    So now is the time to get the positive energy flowing through your house, clear the clutter, put some harmony back in your life and then celebrate the start of a New Year with a billion and a half Chinese people around the world.

    You could consult recipe books, write yourself a shopping list and trudge round the shops for all the ingredients of a grand Chinese banquet, but that means you will be marinating chicken wings and spare ribs all day, not to mention endlessly chopping vegetables and making dim sum.
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  • What Can We Expect From Wine 2014?

    What can we expect from wine in 2014? Which trends will reach our tables, and where will the bargains come from? It’s time to divine the future from the sediment left behind by our Christmas bottle of port.

    We will hear more about moderating alcohol levels as winemakers redefine ripeness. The sledgehammer wines with 15 percent alcohol might not be extinct, but their heyday has passed.

    Locally, minimum pricing will become a heated topic, given the potential impact on cross-border trade, this research currently is being taken forward on a North-South basis. Therefore we anticipate this research to be completed early in 2014 with an announcement of Stormont's proposed action!

    From around the world, we should see tremendous bargains coming from the vineyards of Portugal and Spain, where strong vintages and weak economies have been a boon for consumers. We also might see more wines from Eastern Europe as Slovenia and Bulgaria modernise their vineyards and wineries. Brazil will be the next trendy wine region in South America, and areas such as Patagonia and Salta in Argentina or Bio-Bio, Leyda and Elqui in Chile will send forth new wines. More and more of such bottles will be labeled sustainable, organic or biodynamic as these eco-friendly vineyard practices gain popularity with growers and consumers.
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