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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Eat, drink and be Merry!


    A big big ‘THANK YOU’ to all our customers for your ongoing appreciation of wine and all that we do here at HDW. Here’s a little Christmas message from me,  Kenny:

    Wine is a wake-up call to the senses!

    It’s warming on a cold day, refreshing on a hot day, uplifting when you’re down in the dumps, calming when the stresses of life get on top of you, revitalising  when you need a pick-me-up and a glass or two can be good for your health!

    Oh and when it’s the good grapes, it is very hard to resist too! In a nutshell, it’s pretty fantastic stuff!
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  • Mulling over Wine

    In Ireland, the winter chills your bones. Frigid rain soaks through socks and sneaks up the leg of every pair of trousers. To deal with this misery, we have a passion for hot beverages, of which, one at this time of year is mulled wine.

    Mulled Wine, for those not in the Know, is spiced and served hot, often complemented by mixed-in juices or brandy. It’s guaranteed to warm you from the inside out. If where you live gets even colder, you’ll love the Mulled Wine tradition in your home.

    Did you know that mulled wine is not considered a high-class beverage? In England, during the Victorian era, spicing wine improved the flavor of poorly stored wines shipped from France. Europe’s fascination with Oriental spices introduced cloves, cinnamon and cardamon! However, today, there is no class distinction apart from the much posed question - what type of wine should be used?
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