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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • World Premiere Wines


    If you're looking for a good read overflowing with juicy facts about the development of the world's premier wine industries, you might want to pick up Ian Mount's tasty book that follows one of the most recent success stories.

    No, it's not about Washington, but there's plenty of information about Argentina and its extraordinary triumph with Malbec to interest, teach and amuse wine appreciators everywhere.

    "The Vineyard at the End of the World" tells the story about how a couple of wine obsessed families turned Argentina's notoriously bad wine and its humble Malbec grape into a profitable and world renown industry in just 20 years.
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  • Chilean Red Wine


    Modern Chilean wine is now just over 20 years old. Chilean wine spans an entire generation of European wine drinkers and is already working on a second, especial when it comes to Chilean Red and in particular Chile Red Merlot is a huge hit.

    The country is slowly transitioning from bargain varietal wine to quality/value wines from recognized appellations; in short, they are wines with a better story to tell. Chile’s ultimate development depends upon moving beyond the value-for-money moniker that smothers its wines much the way an early morning Pacific fog blankets its coastal vineyards.
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