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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Champagne Darling?

    Scarlett Johansson has landed a gig of a lifetime. Mot only does she appear as a super hot super hero in her recent movie but she is now the face of Champagne brand Moet & Chandon.

    The 24-year-old posed in a series of provocative images, including one in which she holds a champagne glass between her toes.


    In another photograph she lounges beside a swimming pool dressed in high heels and a gold dress while scooping ice from an ice bucket.
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  • Wine Bottles to hit the Can

    Could this be the controversial move that will smash the wine market to smithereens? Some are saying a fond farewell to wine bottled and welcoming the more cost effective tetra, foil pouches and even tin cans as packaging!


    This type of packaging has long been dismissed as downmarket but is set to grow by up to 15 per cent next year, according to a study by The Grocer


    Packaging like paper, carton and foil can be cheaper to manufacture in bulk, more convenient for the consumer and more environmentally friendly

    It found that ranges of boxed wine, previously associated with cheaper grape varieties, are increasingly being introduced into mainstream supermarket shopping.
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  • Never Mind the Athletes, Will the Wine get an Olympic gold?


    Destination London - the 2012 Olympics has practically arrived and with it, its own wine. Most of the lucky ticket holders won’t have wine foremost in their heads as they head to the various stadiums but a lot of thought has been put behind the 1st official wine. Two years in the making lets hope this plonk, like the athletes, has a few tricks up its sleeves.

    And this range by all accounts does – Fairtrade, 2012 vintage and PET bottled (health &safety rules)

    Obviously only southern hemisphere countries come into play if you want wines from the current year to be delivered in bulk to England by the end of June or early July at the latest. The white (a chenin blanc) and the rosé (a blend of pinotage, shiraz and merlot) were both sourced from Stellenrust, a supplier in South Africa, which has a large Fairtrade offering. The Chenin blanc from Stellenbosch was a good choice for a white in terms of taste – it has some personality yet still makes obligingly easy-to-drink wines with a lick of acidity.
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  • Holding a Glass of Wine Can Lower Your Intelligence

    Can it be true?

    Talk about glass half empty! According to findings of a new research, holding a glass of wine and just standing at a party might lead your boss and colleagues to think that you are less intelligent!

    Erhmmm, the intelligence rating in our office has just plummeted…

    Anyhow researchers from the universities of Michigan and Pennsylvania have found that just standing holding a drink changes, for the worse, colleagues' and bosses' assumptions about your brain power, and my favourite part of this is that they have coined this as "imbibing idiot bias".

    Although most people think they look more intelligent when ordering or holding a glass of wine, the opposite is true, said the research based on five studies involving over 1,300 people.
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  • #wineripoff

    We were delighted to see this debate kick off in the media not so along ago and now the debate has created a storm on twitter.


    What’s it all about? Misleading prices from large supermarkets. A few months ago the BBC’s Panorama programme did an expose on supermarket deals and since then under the Twitter hashtag #wineripoff, twitter users have started naming and shaming some of the half price deals by posting photographs.


    The Guardian’s wine critic Fiona Beckett, who was instrumental in getting the debate going on Twitter, was quoted saying “the scale of reductions was deeply misleading”. She said it “wasn’t that the offers weren’t worth snapping up”, but that the original prices advertised were too high.
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  • Olympic Contenders


    Denis Broderick, an Olympic torchbearer called into our Magherafelt store after his run across Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. With only 14 days to go we decided to take a look at some of our top contenders both in terms of Olympic ability and wine…



    Team: Beach Volleyball - The Horse Guards Parade is bracing for a colourful display like it’s never seen before when the Aussie beach volleyball teams come marching in this July. Smashing the Olympic history books is Nat Cook who will become the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games.
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