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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • A Birthday present from Kenny’s Highfield store


    Recently we held a community fun packed day in one of our food stores in Highfield to celebrate its 2nd birthday. It was a wonderful day packed full of families partaking in all the festivities. Two of our customers walked away with a £50 in store voucher as well three children winning a draw for their vibrant colouring entrants. As like all Birthday’s we had a giant cupcake that was delectable and staff and customers certainly had their cake and ate it!
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  • Man up with ‘Man Wines’ this Father's Day

    Father’s Day gifts needn’t be relegated to neck ties and “World’s Best Dad” coffee mugs. This Father’s Day, spend quality time with Dad and buy him some of our man-wines that suit his personality.


    1. Strong willed and leads the way. A dad that is truly at the head of the family, never gets lost and if he does never asks for directions, always right! - Cabernet Sauvignon - We recommend Culraithin Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 £14.99.

    2. Strong presence and people tend to gravitate towards you. A dad that doesn't have to do much to be the life and soul of the party. He has lots of friends who always hang out at his house, if he doesn't take part in an activity no-one else will. - Riesling - Black Tower Riesling £5.89.
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  • Wines that are Going for Gold


    We got into the Olympic spirit recently as the Olympic torch made its epic journey through some of the towns that our stores are located in. So to toast are torchbearers we thought we would take a look at the wine that will be flowing throughout the 2012 games.

    Hush Heath Estate’s “Balfour” Brut Rosé will be served to guests at the 2012 Olympic Games.

    London-based wine merchant Bibendum (who hold the hospitality contracts related to wine supply for the 2012 Olympics) revealed a lengthy list of wines that will be served at the games this summer. The 2008 Hush Heath Estate “Balfour” Brut Rosé is the only English wine so far confirmed to be served at the games. Joining the 2008 Hush Heath Estate “Balfour” Brut Rosé are a 2008 Mersault from Domaine Latour-Giraud and a 2006 Brunello di Montalcino from Castello Banfi. Also available will be a 2010 Dolcetto, the 2006 Quinta do Seival Castas Portuguesas from Brazil and the 2009 Quinta do Vallado Tinto.
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  • Who had a Jolly Jubilee?

    Well according to our lab rat friends, scientists are disparaging jolly bank holidays. We ever-so-slightly frown at this as if you are ever going to partake in the odd tipple then Bank Holidays are the designated boxes in the calendar.


    Scientists are recommending just three small glasses of wine a week. Now we are all for drinking in moderation but we have one group of geek heads telling us wine is good for our health and now this. It’s like having a good and bad scientist sitting on your shoulder whispering two different things in your ear!


    The oxford bunch of scientists claim that by cutting average alcohol intake to the equivalent of around three small glasses of wine a week would prevent almost 4,600 premature deaths a year in England alone, which is a huge amount!
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  • All systems go as bike season shifts into gear

    Who in their right mind would say no to bikes, leather, drinks, sun and sea – the NW 200 was spectacular this year and was followed up by a cracking Isle of Man TT. It’s the first year Kenny’s have been involved with the NW 200 and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The atmosphere was electric, the buzz and the noise was deafening. Meeting the totally stoked winners of our pit passes and winner of our NW 200 case of wine was a delight.
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  • McGuigan's New Line

    Kenny's Wine talks to McGuigan's Chief winemaker Neil McGuigan at Belfast Castle on the new Sauvignon Blanc coming to Northern Ireland click here to see the interview.

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